Our Mission

We provide a platform for individuals, influencers, artists, charitable organizations and socially conscious businesses to unite together to affect positive change in vulnerable communities in the US and around the world. Working together, we develop new, and elevate existing integrated sustainable programs that restore health and wellbeing, revive hope, and inspire lasting transformation. We manifest sustainable solutions that address the root causes and unique circumstances in each community via neighborhood revitalization, economic empowerment, social-emotional education, social engagement and advocacy for woman, children and vulnerable citizens.

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How We Help


A clean environment and a decent and affordable place to live allow people to thrive, foster confidence and self-reliance, and improve quality of life.

Program Examples

  • Affordable housing construction and refurbishment
  • Park Restoration
  • Public space cleanup
  • Public Garden creation


Earning capacity, employment opportunity and savings are the foundations for easing poverty. When one can provide for his/her family, dignity, life satisfaction and self-worth are restored.

Program Examples

  • Work ethics training
  • Skill training to improve job prospects
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Savings training
  • Economic empowerment trainings


Social engagement is the foundation for stopping the poverty cycle. We work together with local organizations and community leaders to identify the structural breakdowns that perpetuate poverty.

Program Examples

  • Foster community leadership, accountability, ownership, and innovation
  • Giving voice and representation to the most underserved citizens
  • Coordinate efforts with our partners to provide access to basic healthcare and education
  • Creating committees to ensure sustained impact after the local together worX project has phased out.


Health and wellness are the foundation for life. Disease prevention, wellness promotion, and education are the solution to restore community health.

Program Examples

  • Providing community mind and bod wellness programs: yoga, meditation, sports,
  • Establishing scalable and sustainable community clinics
  • Implementing nutrition programs for children
  • Community health, hygiene and disease prevention training
  • Community health and wellness education focused on disease prevention and wellness promotion


Education is the foundation for development. Our initiatives include community wide programs and targeted educational initiatives.

Program Examples

  • Establishing sustainable mindful school and after school programs
  • Tutoring and education for at-risk children
  • English as a second language programs
  • Social-emotional education for children

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Guiding Principles

We seek to serve vulnerable communities and people in the highest and best way. We believe all people deserve our best and we are committed through togetherness, to giving our whole efforts. In order to do so, we adhere to the following principles:


We commit to uniting with others to create lasting and cooperative change. Together we are more effective and together our impact is greater.


We commit ourselves practice mindfulness and to have the intention of service and appreciation. We are committed to going where communities are most in need.


Real transformation is the result of sustainable solutions. We approach each community with a long-term vision for lasting results.


We mobilize the local leaders, businesses, and organizations to take action and restore personal responsibility. By empowering the communities to participate in the solution, the individuals recognize their dignity and self-worth.


We strive to develop leaders who will invest in their communities. Local ownership and initiation is key to lasting impact.


We work with local partners to restore complete community health. We know that by empowering the communities to participate in the solution, the individuals recognize their dignity and self-worth.


We serve the vulnerable communities and advocate for woman, children, and at-risk citizens.

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